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MG_Space_Race minigame/obstacle course map

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After several weeks of work, I will like to present to everyone my first ever minigame/obstacle course map: MG | Space Race (mg_space_race). This map pits terrorists and counter-terrorists in a race to either plant a bomb or rescue a hostage. There 17 obstacles in total in 8 different chambers. However, only 4 chambers are accessible each round, based on random chance.


  • 32 player spawns
  • Round-to-round variation - obstacle layout and timing may change round-to-round (Example 1, Example 2), as well as the skybox
  • Temporary timed platforms
  • Invisible temporary timed platforms - quickly memorize clues to determine where you need to jump
  • Invisible death walls
  • Illusionary floors - chuck grenades into the floor to determine which tile is solid and one is not. Or have someone sacrifice himself to show others where the fake floors are
  • Death buttons - check for clues in the earlier chambers to determine which button is safe and which ones will kill you
  • A final arena to either rescue a hostage or plant a bomb. Both teams can also try to interrupt the other team's attempt at completing the final objective.
  • Two secret areas. One area might take you away to another big wide open galaxy. The other will cause it to rain bananas (and MAC-10s)
  • And much, much more

I expect there to be some strategy involved. You can either choose to take it safe and slow, patiently testing out each obstacle to see where the hazards are. Or you can be fast and risky, praying to RNGesus that the blocks you land on is solid and the platforms that spawn are easy to jump on.  As this is technically a CSDE hostage rescue/defuse map, CT's will win if the time runs out, or if they rescue a hostage, even after a bomb has been planted. To balance things out, the aforementioned banana shower secret can only be triggered by terrorists.


Several obstacles were also influenced by mg_100traps_v4_1 and mg_saw_3

Feedback would be appreciated.












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The first MG_Space_Race spinoff map has been released! This is the CSDE hostage & bomb version of the map (csde_star_dust):

Story: Terrorists opposed to a renovation project have seized a sector of an interstellar space station, taking the project's manager hostage in the process. Making matters worse, they now threaten to destroy the construction sites with a non-defusable bomb. Using a top secret portal, counter-terrorists have tunneled into the sector...


  • 2 bombsites and 1 hostage
  • Skybox that varies round-to-round
  • A portal/wormhole that can be traversable if you shoot it enough times
  • A secret area

The map's layout is based off of the final arena of MG_Space_Race. It's also heavily influenced by Dust 2, and is set in space, hence the name Star Dust. Credits can be found in the links provided.

And now some screenshots:









And here's how the wormhole looks like, with gravitational lensing! The lensing effect only works if you look at the wormhole at a certain angle, but hey, it's not everyday you see something resembling relativistic physics in CS:GO.







I made this wormhole using Blender. I made a sphere and torus brush (and kept the polycount in the hundreds so that Hammer won't take forever to compile), smoothed the shading, assigned the meshes to a cubemap texture and compiled the models. Then in Hammer, I set the lighting origin in the prop_static entities to info_lighting entities at each wormhole's respective destinations.

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The second MG_Space_race spinoff has been released! This is the hostage rescue version of the map (cs_star_dust)

Story: Terrorists opposing a renovation project have seized a sector of an interstellar space station. Making matters worse, they've also seized a teleportation lab, forcing the CTs the evacuate. With the sector lost to the terrorists, the CTs now have to escort the project's manager out to safety.


  • 2 hostage rescue zones
  • A secret black hole and a secret hotel room (or is it a human zoo?)

This map is a modification of the hostage rescue gamemode. The hostage spawns at CT spawn instead of T spawn. The CT's have to carry the hostage to 1 of 2 rescue zones. The rescue zones, however, are blocked by a door at the start of the round. To unlock the doors, the CTs have to reach an area near the rescue zones (see map below). When a CT reaches a blue area, a 25 second countdown commences. After 25 seconds, the door in the blue area will open, allowing players to walk into the rescue zone. It's similar to the defuse mode, but with the sides reversed.




Here are some other screenshots from the map:





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