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Darina (Wingman)


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Hello! Some time ago I made a Victoria map for a competition of exotic maps, and to be honest, it is far from ideal and I received some useful criticism. I was dissatisfied with my map and was sure that I could make it better. The original idea was to completely rethink the Victoria map, but during the development I realized that now I don’t have enough power to start doing something as big, but better. I decided to change the scenery of the map a bit and move it from Africa to Canada, and I decided to develop a map for Wingman mode. In the end, I did the job in about two months. And now you can see what I did.




History (about the same as the Victoria map)

Terrorists are trying to destroy containers with harmful chemicals in order to cause great harm to the environmental situation in the area of the waterfall and make these places less attractive for tourists, which will lead to a huge environmental and economic disaster.


Map structure

The map has three main approaches to the plant, this is through the park, the interior of the complex and scaffolding (the fun fact is that they were added at the very last moment).


Comparison of Darina map with Victoria map

Of course, you can call it self-repetition, but you need to take into account that at first I did a remake of Victoria, and only then I changed the operating time a little under the new map. BUT yes, in some places I really brazenly copied Victoria.

Here I will show you a couple of interesting screenshots.




Niagara Falls and map references

The map was inspired by Niagara Falls and its surroundings, but this time I decided to call the map not the original name, but my own, which is of particular importance to me, since this is the name of a person who means a lot to me.

Here are a couple of screenshots and photos of similar places.




Map screenshots and mini-map











Workshop Link

Thanks for reading!

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I think this is a major improvement on Victoria in many ways. Awesome work! The way you've put the in-game screenshots right next to the real images shows that you've made a really good use of those references. For things that could be improved, I'd say the water texture could look a bit more watery and the rock cliffs are a bit too flat. But perhaps it's fine in game, I'm too lazy to launch CSGO.

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I agree that the rocks look too flat. For some time I tried to make my own rock texture and 3D models for them to increase the implementation, but all this did not look beautiful enough to continue working in this direction (because I can not sculpt, and I am limited only to blender modifiers and height maps).
This is one aspect that needs to be improved.

And the water looks so boring due to the weak reflection effect. I also tried to set it up, but for the time being, in the workshop, for some reason, I did not see reflections from cubemaps (this effect is noticeable on screenshots of the map from the workshop, for example, there are no reflections on the glass of buildings).

I hope I fix some problems a bit later in the next update, if I'm not too lazy :)

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