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the "mr and mrs smith" was better than batman thre


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didn't see the smith movie.

just saw Batman tonight....and by far it was the best Batman film I have ever seen. It was really good, especially compared to all the crap I've seen lately.

Speaking of crap...I took my dad, my sister and my niece out to the movies in the afternoon and saw Madagasgar. I can't believe the people who made Shrek made this steaming pile of crap.

Anyway, so I can't compare Batman to the smith movie cause I didn't see the latter, but based on what I've heard about it, I ain't gonna bother.

I hope they make another Batman movie the way they made this one.

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Cross genre comparing is always hard, well atleast for a thinking movie addict like me it is.

Well let's see, two action/drama actors do seemingly funny comedy not written by any good comedy writer I know or like, and added the fact that the same writer who pushed out crap like xXx2 and Fantastic floormodels (I'm not expecting F4 to be near anything like Spidey 2 and X-men 2). And I don't like Angelina Jolies face because it smells.

On the other end we have a comic book character that I have loved like life from the beginning of my pitiful life, directed by strange man Christopher Nolan (did memento, great movie, not so great at the second time) and starred by Christian Bale who has proven himself in Reign of Fire (love the dragons) and Equilibrium (name people from USA can't say correctly even if their life depended on it :cool: ), movie has Liam Neeson (damn) and swordfight with katanas (the mark for cool).

After carefully examining the facts, I'd go with Batman like a Batarang.

But just because you said it is good, I'm going to cause pain to the whole movie industry and download the movie from the internet (which MTV says is as bad crime as stealing someones car) and watch it. But Batman I will see in the theaters.

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I just saw Batman Begins last night, and really enjoyed it. Good story, and it was nice to see more history and explanation behind things than the other films bothered with. On the downside, the fight scenes were really rather shit. In most films of ths sort it would be a critical point, but Batman Begins remained a great and enjoyable film despite the fights being far too dark and camera jittery. You could barely make out who was who or what the hell was going on for about 80% of the fights, which tended to make me want them to hurry up and end so we could get back to the other cool parts of the movie.

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I fucking LOVED mr. and mrs. smith because I went in knowing what I'd get. An entertaining flick not to be taken too seriously. Batman was a wonderful movie that both entertained and kept me suspended. A very successful film. It is rather unfair to compare the two in my opinion because one tries much harder than the other on being serious. Honestly though, if you see Mr. and Mrs. Smith go in looking to be entertained, not looking to see an Epic film from Spielberg. For people who say it was crap, I honestly think you're trying to jump on the bandwagon.

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Mr. N` Mrs. is like a shitflick....its suposed to be fast, quick, and entertaining. If some one goes to this movie expecting it to be an "epic", or amazing film that will be charished forever...well, your going to see the wrong movie. If you go into Mr. N` Mrs. just wanting to be entertained and mabey have a quick laff or 2, your going to see the right movie and will have fun.

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