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|Unpaid| Experienced source modder for a mod i'm working on it

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  • Hey guys i'm poof, i'm currently working on a half life 2 mod named ''Radiation'' based after the black mesa incident and the end of seven hour war (which is would be themed) you're playing as one of the hecu's shepard follower and join the resistance the mod will be using Source SDK singleplayer 2013 btw.
  • Mapper: have a good skills and knowledge on Hammer's to make map for the mod (underground,canal,combat zone,infested-zombie town and forest)
  • Programmer: code and modify a custom hud with, the color green and yellow (fast hud) and a symbol for the heart.
  • Modeller: For proposing to make weapons,new ennemy.
  • playtester: Playtesting the mod,make analyze and make the gameplay uncomfortable
  • Musicians: we need musicians for our mod
  • Animator: to animate the weapons.
  • Sound Designer/voice actor: Making sound that's a mix of radio and combine-ish and voicing the character.
  • concept artist: drawing the character design and it's protagonist
  • if you are interested please PM me, and my discord is Poof#4274
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