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revamped showreel - requires crits


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hey Adam,

Reel is much better than before, the slow pace and the music really work together.

1. In the beginning you show your character development, from concepts to final, except you do not mention this in the other models.

1b. The latest model at the bottom it says that it has a spec and bump maps, i'd show your bump and spec maps in the video. At the moment, it looks like you raised the spec level in Max and added the texture to the bump.

2. The inside tunnel environment is rotating and then you show the textures unlike the other models where the textures are next to them. I'd do the same and not include the reference photos. Mainly because the textures look like they were referenced. Maybe show texture sets you used to create texture the environment, for example the Gearbox Art Test I received, I could only use 1024 pixel by 256 pixel map. It would show that you work within a memory limitation.

3. 36MB with Road Runner took me about 3 mins. If you can, get the video down to less than 20mb for the web. Keep it high if your making DVD demo reels. :D

Everything else looks great! :D


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Thanks Lee3dee, a few people mentioned the issue with the concepts at the start. I've took this on board as well as a few other crits, actually this new version is different in many ways. Much cleaner. It is also down to 20MB and 90 seconds running time. If you wish it can be downloaded in the link above.

I'm actually doing a dvd version but for the first time, at the moment uncompressed my movie is 3GB. Normally I wouldn't dare, but if the dvd can easily fit it on why not?...what do you think? or should I make it more like 100-300MB?

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My friend found this great program for making DVDs out of AVI's

DVD Santa


it has a free demo thats watermarked, but you'll see that its worth the purchace. All you do is import the avi and the program makes the DVD folders and you burn it to DVD. Instant demo reel which plays in all DVD players :D I've been using it to make demo reels myself. hehe

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