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Deus Ex's 20th anniversary


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17 minutes ago, Poofoge said:

I have the latest deus ex on my library but never actually played... and I'll love to get into the deus ex series should I play em in order if is that necessary? 

Well, mankind divided is a direct sequel to human revolution, it's probably good to play them in that order. 

The original deusex + gmdx mod is the classic, followed by invisible war 

If you want to play the story sequentially, that's the order as the new games are prequels. 

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18 minutes ago, Bunglo said:

Considering all the crazy shit that's happened in the past almost two years, a new Dues Ex title with Warren Spector on the team isn't impossible... 

but I doubt it :v

I would love that for him.

I’m not saying anyone deserves the “here’s an unlimited budget and total creative freedom” card *twice* in their lives, but it worked the first time, and he’s getting older. It would be cool to see him try his hand at it again

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