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Gearbox Software Is Hiring


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From the Gearbox webpage :

Gearbox Software has established itself as one of the major players in action game development with games like Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30, Halo PC and Counter Strike: Condition Zero. But this is only the beginning! Gearbox is expanding on its success with exciting new next-gen console and PC titles; and employees share in this success through an outstanding royalty bonus program. Gearbox makes its home near Dallas, Texas, a thriving city with an active game development community and low cost of living. If you're interested in working for a successful, independently-owned company developing incredible next-generation games, check out the job openings below.

High-Poly Modeling Lead

High-Poly Modeler

High Resolution Texture Artist

All applicants must:

- Have a high school degree and be at least 18 years of age

- Be a US citizen or Permanent Resident of the United States

- Be willing to relocate to Dallas, Texas

Review the job descriptions and if you think you would fit one of these positions, email your resume to us at gamejobs@gearboxsoftware.com with the job title in the subject header. Please include a link to an online portfolio, or mail samples of your work to:

Gearbox Software - Human Resources

101 E Park Blvd Suite 1069

Plano TX, 75074

Good luck! We hope to hear from you soon!

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I think most of the time its more hassle than its worth really. I emailed companies like Digital Extremes, Epic, Gearbox and what have you years ago asking a few questions about employment opporunities (asking for advice on a career path as opposed to looking for a job), and all of the replies said what I had planned sounded good, but to look in the UK as its very rare they hire from elsewhere. Possible, but rare.

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Yes that's sure. But I thought a company like gearbox can manage all the stuff that is necassary to get a working visa.

It is the visa applicants responsibility to meet the selection requirements.

If you don't have a 4 year degree and in the proper age class you won't get a visa. Simple as that. It is very expensive for companies to bring people overseas and the US visa regulations have tightened a lot since 9/11. The company can only do so much. They would have to prove that they have done extensive search for talent in print, media, online etc inside the United States and were unable to find a US american to fill the position. It really isn't as easy as many people believe.

But we've had this discussion in other hiring threads before...

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If you don't have a 4 year degree and in the proper age class you won't get a visa.

Wow, I'm glad I decided to stay on for my honours year then :) Are they quite picky about it being a 4 year degree? I know that many courses in England are 3 years for an honours degree, while here in Scotland its standard to do 4 for honours. I wonder if that would make a difference?

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Unfortunately yes. The general rule is that you need three years of related work experience to make up for every year of formal education that is lacking. If you don't have that I would suggest pursuading an additional degree after your 3-year Bachelor like an Associates or Master.

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