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de_loreley [wingman]

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  • 7 months later...

Long time no see everyone. I finally started up Hammer again and worked on this a bit. 

I created a new path inside the house, reproportioned the map and gave it a new dark aesthetic, just because.


What do you all think? 


More pictures on Imgur: https://imgur.com/gallery/kLiYONZ

Layout picture to follow. I am working with MANY instances and that's a pain for Terri's Autoradar.

Please feel free to message me, if you've figured out a smart workaround / fix for that.

Workshop link after Overview is done. 

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15 hours ago, Kokopelli said:

The crawl space under the bus is really cool. Love the whole vibe of the map. It has a lot of character. Nice job!

Thanks, great to hear you like it! This it the first time I am really moving past simple greyboxing.

I am also really interested in finding out how that crawlspace plays. Bots are just way too stupid for that sort of thing ^^. They barely even use the beach / house routes... So there is a lot to be learned from a playtest!

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Alright everyone, workshop is up: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2392048922 !

I couldn't be bothered to deal with TAR and instances, so I offer you this crappy 2015-looking piece of overview instead: Please excuse me for it ... I swear I will make a pretty one once the geo is locked in.  



Oh and I chose to make my own truck models, because the prop_static ones I used before had shitty hitboxes.


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20 hours ago, zombi said:

It looks great and I really like the atmosphere! This luggage gap in bus at bombsite is really nice idea. I have some feedback, hopefully will be helpful. Keep up a good job! :D

  Reveal hidden contents











Thanks for your great feedback, Zombi! I agree with a lot of these points. Spent some time today to address them: 



I added warm yellow lighting to the cornerstore. This will hopefully guide the player to it after spawn.


I made the gap in the bar counter wider. You were absolutely right there. I hope the new width is better (even though it is not quite as large as what you indicated in your picture). 


I made the ramp you suggested, simply built it into the walkway instead of onto the tracks.


Last but certainly not least, I have a few different ideas for how to address your concern with getting up onto the tracks at T Spawn: I could make a few tiered flowerbeds, which are actually quite prevalent in the Rhine basin. If I am to implement stairs, I will likely place them differently than you indicated, but I have an idea for it. 

For now I haven't implemented any of these ideas, because I want to playtest this version first. 


Changes are now live on the workshop version. Cheers!

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Posted (edited)

Hello everyone,

just in time for you to play over the easter break, I have pushed an update to Loreley addressing the feedback from the last playtesting session. 

Yiu can find all updated screenshots at the imgur link: https://imgur.com/gallery/yfOQJZQ




just in time for you to play over the easter break, I have finished an update for Loreley. I would love if you check it out.  


After the next round of playtesting I hope to move on to visuals given everything works fine.  



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