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Ok ok, It's been awhile since E3 now but better safe then sorry. I have a list of games that were M.I.A (missed in action)

1. Carmageddon

2. Spongebob DS

3. Hannibal

4. You are empty

5. (Duke Nukem F and TF2 :roll: )

anything you'd like to add ?

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I think TF2 and BF2 are in completely different series, just like original BF and TF were, and if you don't see that, then maybe you should stop playing minesweep and try them out.

I believe that even tho TF didn't have vehicles it's pretty much standard in these days, but I hope the small fast paced maps of TF still remain, I do like vehicles but when they are at every frikkin game it's getting out of hand, I mean I can't even play a game of blacjk jack without driving a humvee with a machinegun on top, it's ridiculous!

And what surely will make TF2 in to league of it's own, is (cross my fingers and hope) built strucktures, I really hope they will put the engineer built ammo thingies and turrets and add some more stuff to the list, but I liked the TFCs futuresque setting more than the modern world setting of TF2 from what I have seen from videos and screens.

And to the MIA list, I missed anything other than WoW that Blizzard was making, Blizz still is a big company but it just seems that they are making just WoW, a big time Blizz fan that is disturbing, I want my next RTS title (please god let it be Starcraft), I'm not that sure but I think that Blizz has killed the Warcraft universe for about five years or more with WoW, I'm not saying that I'm not happy with WoW but they can't do another RTS and change the storyline like they did with WC2 and WC3 without making too big changes to the MMORPG.

Another IP from Blizz á la Warcraft and Starcraft would be so awesome.

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they must be making a new star craft at this point, if they arent then they got something seriously fucked up in their heads :G~

but it'll prolly take another 5 years after announcement before its even released, so hmh~

Yeah, Blizz isn't known for their speed ;) BUT they are known for best damn games in the universe and some awesome IPs.

Kosmo, BF2 became what TF2 wanted to become, face it.

I'm thinking of a more or less realistic, yet action packed, team orientated shooter with vehicles.

Yeah, but if Valve is trying to be true to the TF roots, it is going to be more of an arcade shooter than BF2 style realistic shooter.

If not, well then the game Valve is making is not TF anymore than by the name. And even tho TFC is old, I still enjoy a brief moment with it and the fast paced action it gives in contrast to the BF2s game play.

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