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Finding custom models

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Hi guys, i have been mapping for Team Fortress 2 for multiple years now but recently decided it move to csgo. I'm looking for any kind of custom models to use in a map, is there a place where the models made from community are shared like https://tf2maps.net/downloads/ ? 

I'm just experimenting with random map ideas and trying to see what could be interesting to play, so i don't currently see the point of making any models from scratch for a map that i wont spend more then a day working on, later down the line i will obviously start making custom stuff myself but i just need few for the time being.

Thanks for help :)

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Some releases are linked here

i know also de_swamp designers' released their assets. Don't think there's a community or some sort of database/archive of these. We should at least keep an index of what's released here on Mapcore I think.

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