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de_metalwood - 1st map for CSGO - created using Hammer World Editor

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The reason I am here is to hopefully gain your constructive criticism regarding my first CSGO map, de_metalwood

If people could share some of their expertise and help me, I would be very grateful.

Visually, it's the bare basics however, it is the gameplay feedback that I am more interested in. How does the map feel when moving around, are there too many hiding spots, are some parts of the map obsolete, what works well, what doesn't work well etc??

Using YT tutorials on map building for CSGO, I followed advice on timings for CT/T getting to choke points/bomb sites on the map and spent a while thinking about how to make the choke points a little more frantic and important for CT/T to control as quickly as possible.

Your feedback is appreciated at all times, thank you.

Link to the map is below (hopefully)




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