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Why I Both Love and Hate Taco Bell


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So I just did a late night trip to Taco Bell for some munchables and was greated on the sign by this :


Now I'm not entirely sure exactly what THIS is, but near as I can tell its a tostada mexican pizza looking thing wrapped in a quesadilla and smothered in nacho cheese. It's called the crunchwrap extreme or something.

I'm munching on this satanic pinwheel as we speak and I felt the strong urge to post about this and research others experience with it. Seriously what the hell is this? It's like eating the firey remains of a taco bell truck that crashed into a velveeta bus.


Everyone go to taco bell and try it.

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my god this thread owns.

maybe it's a good thing i decided to cut out taco bell and most other fast food (except for In n Out on the way to Vegas).

Gotta hand it to Taco Bell for continually innovating product.

(if the same shit redone a million ways counts as 'innovation'.)

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Yeah me to thinks its to bad we aint have Taco Bells here in Sweden :(

At least we can order home a pizza.

And we do have take away for chinese/tai food, and of course Mcdonalds an Big Mac and what ever all thoose is called.

I wished i could order /chinese/tai food home though.

Oh i almost forgot we have this in the store:



I did one Thuesday with wraps.


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We have some places here in the center of the world that people also refer as Oulu where you can order chinese/thai food, and we have some places that sell tacos (mainly restaurants tho) but I have been graving for Taco Bell ever since I saw Demolition man where Taco Bells were the only restaurant left from the great restaurant war and it had Wesley Snipes and Sylvester Stallone ate at the Taco Bell and then kicked some hobo ass after that and I think it was so sweet, so I would like to have a Taco Bell that I could eat and after that I could go out and kick some hobo ass.

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