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de_rose [remake]

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This map it's a remake of an older version. Here you may access it SteamWorkshop , also you may find it here at good old Gamebanana

Although it seems a little bit infantile to me here it's the map's story: The uncontrolled urban development and illegal expropriations trigger a violent reaction of the local residents. The CT are there to defend construction corporation's interests.

The maps it's designed with large public server in mind for casual play but it can be played in the competitive mode if necessary. It has details but not too many according to the today's standards, i want good performance at high player load after all.

Doesn't have soundscapes because during the playtime i never hear them and they serve no purpose in this regard. Doesn't have nav with callouts either because the callouts available in csgo don't fit very well the map's pathways. But who knows on a future update maybe i will add them.

It has some custom props made by me in 3dsmax (student edition), custom materials and sprites, many of them from textures.com.










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I really like the colours, especially indoors -so soft and pastels that feel “RTX ON” :D on the outside seems a bit too clean and cartoonish, in particular the bricks of the first spot outside. Looking more closely it seems that the wooden floor texture is not aligned properly or just the surface doesn’t match the texture size/scale… or you just need to add some trim where handrails are

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On a second look you are being right. Indeed the texture its not aligned properly, and it does need a trim over there. However i am feeling s-o lazy these days that i am not going to correct it very soon 😁

As for those exterior bricks, i had tried to imitate the Red granite but obviously i kinda failed. I will search a better texture. 

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