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Batman Begins


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As usual movie threads, avoid spoilers (lol Bruce Wayne is Batman lol) :roll:

Simply Awesome. Better than the last two (but that really isn't a challenge is it?) and I would say better than the first two. Characters, character development and so far are just well done.

And for those that think that new batmobile looks stupid (It doesn't look like the real batmobile, blah blah blah) you have to remember this his how batman started. He is finding his way into Becoming Batman, so he still shall refine his image, etc. Bah enough of the standing up for the batmobile, the movie was awesome.

5 / 5 :mario:

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I enjoyed it. Way better than all the other Batman movies. I liked the new BatTank.

My only gripe was the fight scenes were cut to quickly so you couldn't really see what was going on besides a brief scuffle proceeded by a bunch of guys on the floor. I want to see at least one punch thrown and recieved in one cut.

It had ninjas!

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Definitly awesome.

Demon Batman was the SHIT (you'll know what i'm talking about when you see it.)

I sorta liked that the movie at times was shot just like a horror movie. From the perspectives of the bad guys. Batman just sorta leaps out of the darkness like a horror monster and grabs them. It's the first batman movie to really realize Batman is SCARY to the people he fights. So when people say dumb stuff like "I hear he flies" or crap... you know why.

Bring on Superman and Wonderwoman!

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Just saw it, very nice.

The fights could've been clearer, though. The fight at the docks was good the way it was, chaotic and unclear, but all the fights were like that. I also really wanted it to have a stronger musical theme. A revised version of Danny Elfman's Batman theme would've been superb. Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard (this film had both of them!) usually deliver but this time I was slightly dissapointed in the score.

Otherwise a very fine movie, but I'm too fond of the first two to call this the best one.

I'm also a little confused about one thing:

In Burton's Batman Wayne's parents were killed by Jack "The Joker" Napier but in this one the killer was some guy named Chill. Who is it in the comic books?

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