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Which Hardcore Console?  

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  1. 1. Which Hardcore Console?

    • Xbox Series X
    • PlayStation 5

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Right now I'm pretty much buying the PS5 for the demons souls remake. It's like my favorite series. Hopefully there will be a bloodborne2 or something  too.

With the way MS is going this gen it will be interesting to see how many console exclusives end up on PC as well.


That said PS5 is sold out everywhere I've looked so I guess I probably wont be playing it until next year.

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Guarantee there will be next to no difference between the visual quality of games on either console. Microsoft drive to make all their games playable on PC is great for gamers, not so great for X

<start>       <slightly off-topic meme> </end>       </slightly off-topic meme> Now back to your on-topic conversation 

Just curious where everyone stands on PlayStation 5 vs the Xbox Series X. I’ve heard that the Series X has more powerful system specs?  Unspoken of course is the fact that Nintendo consoles are a

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I was all about the 360 but then switched to PS4 for last gen, this time around am switching back to Xbox for the Series X (as I don't need to pay for Gamepass Ultimate but would have to buy a PS Plus subscription). I will get both though, probably just not going to get a PS5 until later next year when some of the big exclusives start to come out (Horizon ZD maybe), and it should be cheaper by that time. It's strange that neither console has any big hitters in terms of exclusives for launch, but am looking forward to playing Valhalla next week and COD the following weekend, and might also pick up Ghostrunner. 

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Friend of mine did. Went to his place this weekend, played 15 minutes of that game to test the controller, Astro something. Crashed twice, in 15 minutes! Wtf.

Pretty good when it's running though, and that controller feels amazine.

Spiderman and CoD looks and feels great with raytracing. 

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Yeah I nabbed one a few weeks back. Been playing Ghosts of Tsushima. Bought a 65" 4k TV to play it on too, its pretty incredible!

Not had any crashes so far, thankfully. Astro's Playroom is a fun little game too. The console feels really slick overall, I'm really enjoying it.

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