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DICE Devchat about BF2


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Hauk asked: How come games like HL2, FarCry, Doom3 and so on run perfectly on GF4 TI cards, but not BF2? The graphics is not superior to the ones in those games. How much did Nvidia pay you?

[DICE]Sanosuke answers: We needed to take advantage of the features in Pixel Shader 2.0, sadly the cards you mentioned do not support this.


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And a terrible bug where pressing enter to return a typed message activates the actual normal button binding, in this case ejecting me from a flying Blackhawk as I'm trying to organise my squad.

I really did "lol" at that thought.

I can laugh about it now, but back then I was pretty distraught.

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Peris asked: There is a big usability problem with setting up controls, it's really hard to properly assign keys because you have to replace the key's it's assigned too first.. are there any plans to make this more straightforward like just switching the keys when you assign them?

[DICE]Sanosuke answers: This is because, even though the key in the front end is not bound to anything, it is in the controls.con file. Today we were working on fixing this.


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