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Satoshi's Vision: The Bitcoin Zap!


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Satoshi's Vision is a Bitcoin Zap which select and broadcast the smartest, funniest, heartbreaking, touching or strangest moments from the Bitcoin community.

Comment, Subscribe and turn on the Notifications.

Thank you so much guys! The last video broke records for a little channel like this one! More than 50 subscribers and more than 800 views on the special Halving episode! Cheers! I had the luck to meet Louis Pouzin three years ago! I thought it would be a great idea to make a comparison between the Internet Network (the network of networks) and the Bitcoin Network. Have a good watch!


Previous episodes :






You can suggest some content for future episodes and stack sats!

So here are what would be necessary for a content to be eligible in my opinion:
- Videos published online (Youtube, Twitter, Reddit, Vimeo, Imgur, Tumblr, Gify, ...) and its URLs.
- Content in video format (with or without audio); also gif accepted.
- The written agreement (email) from the author which agree on content re-use. Personally, I ask by email or DM and it's working pretty well.

I'm also interested in feedbacks. Have a good one!

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The channel now reward one suggestion per episode in sats.

➡️ Receiving satoshi (the smallest unit) from LN payment is one of the best way to understand Bitcoin! To participate write in the comment the sequence you wish to be broadcast for the next zapping!

Cheers guys! Have a good one!

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