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Battlefield 2 Demo System Specs And Settings


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AMD XP 2800+

GeForce 6600GT

512mb DDRAM

Most settings on LOW, with the exception of view distance being at about 65% and the general lighting (not dynamic) and textures being on medium. Played at 800x600.

Runs pretty smoothly, and I could probably bump most settings up if I had more RAM. Since I don't, it stutters if I try.

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Athlon 64 2.0ghz

Geforce 6800GT

1 GB Ram

Everything max, 2xAA

Never noticed any slowdowns that are not caused by the server or my shitload of apps running in the background...

/ah by the way, why isn't there a 1280x1024 resolution (for TFT monitors) available?!

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