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(CS:GO) de_volver | no idea what the theme or final name should be.

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As my second map I wanted to make a wingman map, and I playtested it with friends a bit and got a pretty decent wingman map.

The only problem is that I dont know what the map should look like.

anyways here is the steam link, if you have an idea for the theme then tell me PLEASE:



(better names are also appreciated)

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Usually people start off with picking a theme for their map before they start on creating the map. 
The reason for this is because basicly everything (layout, art, mapname, atmosphere) is based arround the theme you pick.
For me the right order to start a map is:
1) Pick a theme for your map (and a location/mapname, though mapname can come later)
2) Gather reference pictures from real life locations, other gamers, movies or what so ever
3) Draw a layout on paper with the location/theme in mind and already think of what area will become what.
     For an example the bombsites are interesting areas, you can already decide how it will look, what the objective is
     You can use the references to create more interesting shapes then just paths and walls for your greybox. 
4) Check timings, angles and such basic things ingame (with a friend)
5) If you are happy with it then get a playtest organised and keep on playtesting/itteration your layout untill it plays well
6) Now its time to work on the art for your work, apply details and textures to your map
7) Time for some more playtest and polishing your map

When you do not have a strong plan and vision in mind (step 1  - 3) you will probally end up wandering what to do with your map.
There is a big chance you get stuck by a creative blockade and end up with a map exisiting from meaningless empty corridors and rooms.
This might not be the best workflow (for you), but for me it works well and it is worthfull to try out.

Here is my mapcore topic where you can see the exact progress of my map:
The mistake I made is focusing to much from the start on the theme/art, I would suggest to keep your greybox as simple as possible untill step 6.  
Goodluck with your map!


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