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I'm looking for dedicated Game Design YouTube channels and websites. I'm already subscribed to Noclip (not really game design) and Gamemaker's Toolkit (Bosskey). The best example of a dedicated website I've found so far is Gamasutra. 

Do you guys have any other recommendations? If so, why do you recommend it and what is the appeal? Also, what's missing from a developer standpoint?

Thanks in advance!

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Matthewmatosis is a classic, straight to the point. I haven't seen a better reviewer yet. I recommend the mario reviews https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb_sF2m3-2azOqeNEdMwQPw

This one is nice as well, but he kind of goes on a tangent sometimes https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5CYeHPLer3lbEhgonvbbAA

Also Joseph Anderson posted above is great, I particularly like the SOMA review.

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I stumbled on the page of the company/organisation that manages the DICE summit. Turns out they have a podcast where they talk with developers about a number of aspects of the game dev biz.
I haven't listened to any yet but they have a page with the podcasts


and a YT channel with a playlist, if that's more convenient -- but i looks like the YT playlist is not as up to date as the other page, as it's missing the latest entry from two days ago


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