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Drone (CS:GO)

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de_drone created by UselessMouth

Drone is a bomb defusal map that was made with competitive play in mind and aims to provide unusual mechanics in order to refresh CS:GO gameplay experience. "Site A" has dynamic reflections and "Site B" has dynamic lighting in pitch dark environment. While playing the map you will discover more details which are hidden at a glance!

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Welcome to Drone!



drone_screen_01.jpg.01f6ed51a7a2f95623fab03c90f028b5.jpg   drone_screen_02.jpg.8f19a38484a14faeef9a8eaf1df0a524.jpg


drone_screen_05.jpg.4951c5a03ed3fd73d8eb16fea161124d.jpg   drone_screen_06.jpg.2604951dd808ce7a2cbd06fe75577c06.jpg


drone_screen_08.jpg.7579685e11f5590190ea54b88ffc786d.jpg   drone_screen_09.jpg.16fdc767c329efb97ffd84bcf69569fa.jpg


drone_screen_11.jpg.a4e85af16354fe4c57850f0339d5a9a9.jpg   drone_screen_12.jpg.7f0acad84796e71fd0dd1512369dd2cd.jpg

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Design decisions

Drone was created with a rule "Simple, but not simpler". During development I didn't use blockout (greyboxes) technique and no map sketches and schemes (blueprints) were drawn. Playtesting was done by me, no other people were involved. Brushes, textures, props and gameplay features were placed with careful thought and were almost never moved or deleted after being placed. If something got into the map, then I needed to continue designing everything around it, to get a better feeling of what to do next. Dark and camouflage areas are created on purpose to explore gameplay possibilities with Source lighting and player perception.

This map was created with pure intuition in 5-6 months.

Hope you like it! Enjoy!

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