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Mad scientist lab


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Yeah, hello there...

So you know, there are a few levels which must be found in any platformer:

Egyptian pyramids level

Enchanted forest level

Mineshaft level

Cemetary or haunted house level

Big spinning clocks and gears level

Lava flowing something level

Floating up in the skies level

Icy winter wonderland level

and so on...

Anyway, so I am modelling this mad scientist lab. Primarily as a little summer exercise. Want to texture it in 3 distinctively different cartoony styles, and use it for some lighting tests as well.

Anyway, so what is there typically in a mad scientist lab? You know, the ones who are bent on world domination and all that...

So far I got:

A bottomless pit

A machine with brains floating in glass jars with bubbling water

A laser/cathode ray device

A Frankenstein surgery table

A vatt of boiling acid

A teleporter/vortex thingy

What else? Any ideas? We are of course talking mad scientist bent on world domination, not as in Dr. Breen, but rather as your typical supervillain from those 50s Batman tv shows...

Sound off!

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the house has to be on top of "the" hill , with a curvy road leading to it and a small town on the bottom of the road..

-2 cages where mind-swap can be performed

-lots of glassy experiment settings

-coloured water

-huge ass weapon on the roof ( roof is a dome which can open and close like an iris ofcourse )

- "table" with a victim on it , tilted.. and a bigass thing pointing @ her head or something..

-some frozen body parts or something

dunno anym ore ;)

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I ain't showing nothing! :D

Well, over the cause of my final year project on my BA in computer games design + art, I had a good hard look at cartoony texturing. That revealed a lot of things in terms of technique and style that is not immediately apparent to the naked eye or the casual viewer. My mom always said, 'if you want to know how something truly looks, draw it.'

While I am not quite there yet, in terms of skills and awesomeness and all that, it worries me that there are so few, if any(!), resources on cartoony texture painting. For my report I already started to write down my methodology in detail and it has just kinda grown from there.

So I am using this as a project to try and document how to paint at least 3 distinctly different styles of cartoony textures, you know in depth tutorials. And perhaps there is a book in there or something somewhere. Hopefully my skills will increase to a satisfactory level as I go along. We'll see. At least I am having a hoot doing it.

So that's it really... I'll keep you posted.

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Oh yeah, I forgot. I am wondering if I should make it in a kinda gothic frankenstein's castle or perhaps more the sci-fi style with the dome shaped roof, or perhaps hidden in a vulcano like all good James Bond villains...

And I think I will abstain from blood in there. That is a mechanism for a different kinda style. After all we are talking more Dr. Cortex or Dr. Evil than Dr. Breen.

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Do try and at least put your own touchs into this. Thats something that annoys me about tutorials, they always revolve around ordinary subjects which for me make it more of a chore.

How about making a lab underwater, a sinister lab in a candy store, a lab spectacle in a theme part where things go around by mechanisms, a lab from the 16th century...

bad examples, anyway...going by your final year project I'm sure you will give it a personal touch.

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You forgot the typical rain/thunderstorm background... ;)

Anyway, why not mix it up? A medieval castle with cyber-tech touches? So instead of the steam-tech looking constructions you've got robo-arms, large monitors, greenish tubes with implantated/cloned humans, a super-warrior drawing table for the final domination plan, all placed in the old and trusted medieval environment?

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