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N.K. Death Camps

Guest John Kerry

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It is terrifying. I hope the media can draw more attention on this issue so politicians are forced to do something about it.

President Bush told author and Washington Post Assistant Managing Editor Bob Woodward last year that he was well aware of the camps and the atrocities. That, officials say, partly explains why Bush insisted on North Korea’s inclusion in the “axis of evil” in his 2002 State of the Union address.

Unbelievable that the Bush administration was informed about this for so long time already...but what were they supposed to do? In this case other politicians are far worse. One doesn't hear anything from them about Korea, just the asking to please shut down the reactors again.

Brownback, a senator with a reputation as a human rights advocate, thinks that the prison camps and abuses have for too long taken a back seat to nuclear arms and other Korean issues.

This hits the nail on the head.

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Guest John Kerry

i guess what disturbs me the most is lack of media coverage... i mean.. janets old ugly tit gets more air time then this?.. gah i hate american media... pisses me off so much

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I still cannot believe that such things belive in these times, after world war 2. I wish I could somehow contribute to help these people. Does anyone have an idea?

Don't be such an (attention wordplay!) assholeman.

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“I was in prison from 1987 till January 1993,” she told NBC News in Seoul, where she now lives. ”[The women] were forced to abort their children. They put salty water into the pregnant women’s womb with a large syringe, in order to kill the baby even when the woman was 8 months or 9 months pregnant.

“And then, from time to time there a living infant is delivered. And then if someone delivers a live infant, then the guards kick the bloody baby and kill it. And I saw an infant who was crying with pain. I have to express this in words, that I witnessed such an inhumane hell.”

seriously...wtf is wrong with people??? how fucked up do you have to be to do such cruel things ????? :(:(:(:(:(:(

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Guest The_Postman

...an entire mound of...little arms. I remember I cried, I wept like a child, and then it hit me. Like a diamond bullet between my eyes. The genius of that. These men have families and friends and when they go home they return to that normal life. The strength, the utter strength of that, to master the horror and then to return unscathed...

the horror...the...horror...

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