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[CS:GO] Depot

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A clean logistics centre with a dirty secret.

Built for standard 5v5 competitive

The map is mostly finished for layout, timings, etc in my own view, but the map has yet to be tested by more then my handful of friends and bots.

I've also added some optimisation with area portals and a handful of hints to improve performance where possible (Heavy use of models on both bombsites)

Clipping is definitely unfinished, with the forklifts noticeably causing the most issues. Nav meshing is "complete" so that the map is playable without the bots standing in a corner.

This is my first public map release, so criticism is highly appreciated.















Edited by BurdBurd
Removed steam update, map is live on steam workshop

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On just the first look on it, to me it seems pretty CT-sided. for example if a Ct player with AWP holds a corner. picks one T and then pulls back for a different corner. Really standard plays for AWP player.

There are a lot of corners such a player can hold before the T's can even reach a bombsite.

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