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A work-in-progress. Would love feedback, as it is not final whatsoever!

The counter-terrorists have been flown in to prevent the breach of the Heber County dam, which would kill hundreds in the valley below. Stop the terrorists in a 2v2 battle for the fight of this hydroelectric power station.







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Interesting map! smileD.png.5c9694251a801cc195b986e1d8d59c42.png


Is this hiding spot intended?


You can get stuck in the air if you jump and crouch directly under a displacement. You can prevent this by adding a clip beneath it.


You get hindered by those stones, I would place clips for a smooth walk over them.


You pop up here if you walk forward: (smooth it please)


Some displacements got a small light line at the ground like here:


You can replace the bottom texture with the vgui/black texture to solve this. If there are still some light lines then they come most likely from the environment light above/ behind. You can then place a toolsblocklight behind the displacements.

The water sometimes loses its reflection. This is because you placed water on several levels. Source can't handle this very well.


Thats it for now. ^^ (I didn't tested the gameplay.)

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