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Xbox series X

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Anybody waiting for it? Eurogamer has published all specs.

There is no secondary low power CPU for OS, nor dedicated DDR for it. It seems that PS5 is going that way, repeating the same idea of the PS4.

The SSD is embedded inside, you can't swap it. If you need there is an external port to plug in a dedicated external SSD. The SSD of the next consoles is about 20x ~ 30x faster than HDDs, meaning that lots of games are going to require a high speed SSD to run or they might make the PC versions require a lot of RAM to compensate.

No CPU throttling, the clock of the CPU is static with two modes. One with higher clock and no SMT and another with lower clock and SMT. GPU also has static clock.

Lots of dedicated stuff for raytracing, on the fly decompression to mitigate bandwidth usage and more flexibility to program the graphics.

13,5GB of RAM for games, 3,5GB for OS. But due to some technical limitations not all that RAM is clocked at the same speed, part of it has lower clocks.

There is much more control over input latency by game makers.

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Our first look at a game set to ship at launch with Xbox Series X, The Coalition is busy enhancing Gears 5 for the power of Xbox Series X. This demo represents just two weeks of work, but already shows a much higher level of fidelity, vastly improved shadows and real-time global illumination - and so much more.


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