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On 9/22/2020 at 5:31 PM, Zarsky said:

Hard to believe that they stop. They don't have a portable gaming device and I doubt Nintendo makes Gamepass available on Switch even tho it should technically not be hard to pull of.

They recently also added all their games to steam and it's just another way to get extra revenue for them. Everyone wins. Perhaps that changes once their own platform grows bigger...

Yeah I've seen articles pouring today as well, with more details filtering in, with Spencer saying they will honour the current deals (I mean ofc, would cost a fortune with the contracts that have been signed).

MS seems much more open under Nadella, I mean now they even developing Android devices!

Maybe they were just hit too hard in this gen, or they might be even happy and thinking this lateral strategy will yield the best results. I would bet that the very new titles like Starfield will be Xbox/PC exclusive, at least for one year.

Edit: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/xbox-boss-phil-spencer-on-zenimax-deal-our-plan-is-to-leave-it-alone/1100-6482438/

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Was great to finally be able to officially announce the development of Fable during the showcase 🥳 Stalker 2, The Medium and Avowed all piqued my interest, exciting times ahead! 

Are Microsoft legit trying to tell me that Halo Infinite is "NEXT GEN" Can't wait to run this game from 2012 on my dehumidifier.

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Some pretty nice details about Xbox Series S/X backwards compatibility:



So, as we understand it, existing Xbox titles can be enhanced for both Series S and Series X in different ways - the compatibility team can step in with its own specific type of magic, opening the door to running 30fps games at 60fps and 60fps titles at 120fps. Alternatively, developers now have the tools to see where their existing Xbox One games are running - and if it's a Series S or Series X machine, aspects like doubling the frame-rate become possible (and perhaps other features could be enabled too) - all without having to 'port' their games to the next-gen platform. The extent to which take-up will be there is of crucial importance, of course, but the potential is certainly very exciting and we're really looking forward to testing this out on both of the new Xbox machines.


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