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Corona Virus

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Hey long time Mapcorians...I come back here regularly to read...much less regularly to post.  I think now warrants a post: 1) I have several people in my circle who have had this.  (a) My long ti

She's doing better thanks. First couple of days didn't know which way it was gonna go but it settled into mild symptoms which is basically the worst case of flu you'll ever get. To say I was stressed

It is not possible to achieve herd immunity without vaccination. It certainly has never been done. The vaccine has now been given to millions of people (one of my friends in Germany got his 1st s

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59 minutes ago, Interfearance said:

We definitely have more than a couple thousand cases if celebrities including NBA stars are getting it. Our testing here sucks and they refuse to close down the schools because kids will starve. It really is time to move to Australia already...


You mean that place that was entirely engulfed in flames a couple of months ago? 

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On 3/10/2020 at 9:23 PM, Minos said:

Hopefully after this is over, we will have systems in place to stop something similar in the future.

Well doesn't seem SARS taught anything, this seems to be spreading worse. We'll see, fingers crossed, we do need to all come together stronger out of this.

(At the same time I think these events are Mother Nature's attempts to keep humans to lower numbers)

On 3/12/2020 at 7:01 AM, [HP] said:

I don't understand this shit either. Toilet paper is sold out fucking EVERYWHERE in here, it's so fucking weird.

Well I subscribed to my toilet paper on Amazon, got last delivery just before this started, I'm settled for a bit

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14 minutes ago, Pampers said:

On a bright note, lots of games coming out now. Doom, Final Fantasy, TLOU2, HL:Alyx, Ori, the new COD battleroyale and Animal Crossing. So look forward to those, or catch up on your backlog!


Been playing Ori and the Will of the Wisps that came out a few days ago. It's beautfiul, highly recommend!

Yeap, I finally beat Days Gone a couple weeks ago. I got Ori on steam, gonna try it this weekend.

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13 hours ago, FMPONE said:

You mean that place that was entirely engulfed in flames a couple of months ago? 

Enter: California every summer

(I know people whose houses have burned down)

Big cities like Melbourne were untouched. Funny bc Melbourne got highest standard of living 7 years in a row. It's second now. 


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