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Jake Stegmeier

Jacob Stegmeier | Multiplayer Level Designer

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Hi, I'm a recent graduate from Arizona State University, in the process of applying for level designer jobs.

My portfolio is entirely of mod work for the Halo Franchise, and much of my work has seen success in online matchmaking.

Any feedback on format, content, organization, tech, etc.. is welcome. I'd like to make it as best as I can


Also I'm open to opportunities ;) if anyone has any leads

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Heya jake!

Best of luck with finding a job in the industry! I have some feedback, but do keep in mind that they come from a junior level designer and should therefore not be overvalued!

The first point is that your introduction page should not be the home page, rather, i would make your content the homepage, and instead creating an "about me" tab. This will make your content more accessible. And those who are curious about you then have a well presented option to find out more.

secondly, i would probably cut back on a lot of the text presented in the introduction. Personaly, saying that you've always wanted to make games is a bit "sterotypical" and to me rings a bit fale (even tho its not the case) I would also be careful to present Level design philosophy as there is a chance that it does not ring well with whoever is trying to hire you (their studio may create different type of games, with other philosofies etc) , or you may sound a bit "know it all". However, maybe you know where you are going, and therefore know that what you are saying will increase your likelyhood of getting a job, just know that it might be limiting you. 

If you do keep it, i would change "i believe" to i think, as that is a rational statement,  you wont come sound naive or arrogant. 

it is a bit irritating that the enter button is below the banner, as it is easy to misunderstand which picture belongs to which picture.

I like how you present the information on the actual page. Pictures are great and espescially those showing the layout, however i came a cross some which are a bit heavy on text. 

Also, to the pages which does not have picture etc of main feature, i would add. 

Finally, there is a lot of scrolling. Consider making your content page a bit more compact, altho this might be that i am on a laptop and being nitpicky. 

I also like that i can download your content. 

best of luck! 



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