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[PAID] Experienced Leveldesigner needed

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We are looking for an experienced mapper/level designer.

We are looking for someone who can create the blockout for multiple multiplayer maps.

Blockout reference: (reference: https://youtu.be/etG6BP2yCrc?t=1211)

Please include a qoute for how much you would charge for a single map like the example above.

Please attach a link to your portfolio or some of your previous work/projects.

Contact me at: [email protected]

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Hi order66,

I'm sure there are a lot of people here who are qualified and experienced, but it might help if we knew a little bit more about the game we would be mapping for. Can you provide a description? Based off your reference video from tophatt. Someone might assume that you are making a map for CS:GO. They might feel comfortable being a level designer for that, but they might not feel comfortable being a level designer for Unreal, a non First Person Shooter, or your custom game engine, etc etc.

I for example think I can easily do a block out for a CS:GO map. I'd also feel comfortable blocking out a grey box for a FPS in Unity. Yet with a side note that I haven't worked in Unity in a while and I might need some time to refresh my memory or learn new skills, which may impact my choice if I want to sign up for the project. And I would probably stay away from level design for a 2D platformer as I have no interest nor experience in that area. 

You might get some more serious applicants with a short description of the game project. Good luck with your search and I look forward to your post's update. :) 

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