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Hi all! This is my entry in the exotic location map competition. I first heard about this competition in the end of November, so I didn't get a chance to start before early December. But I've been at hard work since then, and now it start to look like a map. I've only playtested with friends throughout the development, so I hope that it's balanced in a fair way. For the exotic part, I've taken another approach than most other maps on here. I've tried to replicate a typical fishing community in northern Norway, where industry and housing, new and old, goes hand in hand. It shows how old buildings and new buildings are mixed together, and the layout is somewhat typical of a Norwegian fishing community. It also showcases that when people were working as fishermen, they lived close to the docks during their employment.

It's still work in progress, and need some more optimization and overall polish. 

I hope you enjoy it, and any feedback welcome.




Backstory (just to get in the mood):



During the cold war espionage became one of the most important assets to both the eastern and the western allies. Both sides were terrified that the other would push the big red button and engage another world war. Both sides were known for using agents, and double agents, and during the 1950's and 1960's it became more obvious to all the world leaders that they couldn't trust anyone outside their inner circle.

Norway is one of the countries that were located near the soviet border, and today we know that several location in Norway were used as strategic bases for NATO during the cold war. Of course, the Soviets already knew this back in the late 50's, as it became obvious that NATO were moving forces into Norway on a more permanent basis. The relationship between Norway and the Soviet union was further weakened in 1960 as an American U2 stealth plane that were taking photos of Soviet military installations was shot down over Soviet on it's way to northern Norway.

As the Soviet government threatened Norway with military sanctions, the Norwegian government publicly announced that they no longer wanted to be part of the cold war military operations, and that other NATO forces had to leave Norway and remove any military personnel and installations that could provoke the Soviets. This was the very beginning of the top secret military operation seaweed.

Operation seaweed became a two part mission; the first was to use some of the small fishing communities along the cost of Norway to transport weapons for NATO by hiding it with the fish inside containers. The second was to rebuild some of the old radio broadcasting stations in these communities and make them hidden radar stations for the military. This genius idea made the Soviets think that the Norwegian government had given in to their demands, while still pleasing NATO by transporting weapons and maintaining air superiority in Norway.

Anyway, after the cold war ended, most of these military installations were discontinued as NATO forces left Norway. However, some of them were kept as it was a good way of transporting weapons without anyone knowing.

A couple of years ago a rumor were spread online, telling the story that I just told you. A terrorist organization from southeast Europe found this and started doing research, trying to locate one of these locations. After about 5 months, they found one of them. A small fishing community somewhere along the coast of northern Norway. After paying a Russian freighter company a substantial amount of money to smuggle them to the coast of northern Norway, the terrorists boarded their RIB and headed towards the fishing community. What they didn't know was that counter-terrorist units already were on the way to the same location in a helicopter.


Objective Bomb defuse map:



The main objective for the terrorist side is to plant and detonate an explosive device by the stashed warheads by the fish transportation warehouse A. If they don't manage to locate the warheads, they should head over to radio broadcasting station B and plant the device in the communication hub to sabotage radar operations.

The counter-terrorist team needs to defend both sites from an imminent terrorist attack as it's not known which site they will pick. If the terrorist manage to plant the explosive device, the counter-terrorist team needs to quickly defuse it before it blows up. Good luck!





This picture shows the mid area with T-spawn in the background:



This picture show the A-site entrance when coming from T-spawn:


This shows the A-site entrance for the Counter-terrorist team:


Inside A-site:


Two of the terrorists routing towards the B-site:


From inside B-site:





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