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Kingpin: Reloaded


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I don't disagree.

In the Classic, each light is placed with a purpose and with player leading in mind, like a spotlight on top of doorways or corridors. Main pathways have a slighter brighter luminance and it gradients off to darker values towards the corners and non gameplay areas, making it very easy to figure out where to go, not as much in the enhanced it seems like. The lighting seems to be brighter and flatter, and coming from weird angles, there's a lack of gradients and even the characters lost the cool rim lighting of classic.

Maybe a little exaggerated to prove my point, but I would do something like this:


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Kingpin was the first game that didnt offer just the two basic multiplayer gamemodes back then - DeathMatch and Capture The Flag. Instead, it also offered Bagman mode.

If you dont know what this is, basically you collect weapons around the map to fight with like in deathmatch, but you also collect money from the middle of the map. Both teams have their own bases with a safe. For example in one of the maps, there's a pipe that spits money out time to time. I think it was 5$ each pile.  Then you collect the money from the ground, go to your base and gotta open a safe to deposit the money into.

The safe operates on a separate switch, so you gotta go to the switch and then to the safe to deposit. You also might want to close your safe from the same switch, because you know, you can also do this to the enemy - go to their base, use the switch and steal money from their safe. If you dont close the safe, it gets easier to steal the money. Alarm also went off if someone did a steal. I think the max mount was 150$ or 200$ that one person can carry, so you couldnt take them all, unless you did a raid with your friends. Also if you kill the money carrier, you can take their bag and return the money to your safe. So the team who had like 500-800$ first, won the game.

I played this gamemode a lot. Especially with todays capability of voice chats and such, it works even more better. You can tell someone to open that safe, instead of typing it down to chat fast. More of teamwork and more fun.

This game was also the first one of the multiplayer games i played on PC, and it infact got me started on running game servers, which eventually led me into level design. ?

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On 1/18/2020 at 7:27 AM, Tisky said:

We need a mapcore version of this. Who wanna be one of them ladies? D3ads?

Sorry to disappoint you, but I shaved most of my hair off about two years ago, buzzcut baby!

On topic.. Kingpin: Reloaded looks like absolute shit, you can already play the original on Windows 10, and in 4K with some community updates... don't waste your dollars bros!!!

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