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[CSGO] ENCLOSURE (Zoo aim map)

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Hello all! Haven't played csgo or made maps for the past 3 years, so I created this aim map to get used to everything again. It is set inside of a small zoo enclosure (for flamingos? maybe?). It comes packed with some custom server commands, so it's ready for playing straight out of the gate. Thanks for checking it out!





aim_enclosure 1.jpg

aim_enclosure 2.jpg

aim_enclosure 3.jpg

aim_enclosure 4.jpg

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hi :D

I looked at your map ingame. It looks good. A few things I noticed:

- The custom water texture is not shown. You need to pack the custom content into your bsp file. You can use vide for that.

- The tall rocks next to the gate are too pixelated. You should replace them or make them smaller and use more than one. The one rock inside the midle would be big enough and it looks not pixelated.

- Your trees could have much better shadows. They are too dark. All you have to do is enable Ignore Surface Normal. It will then produce a better shadow.



I don't play csgo anymore and I did not played aim maps. SO I cant tell you how it plays.

That's it, happy mapping! :D

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