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drainage system map

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i just started to work on an idea for a hostage map. it is themed in the drainage system of a fueling company on a port.

Rumors are going around that the 20 largest ships in the world are polluting as much as all of the cars in the world...

And besides that, there are companies that refine nuclear waste into the fuel for these ships...

This seemed a pretty good scenario for me..

here are some pictures of the first work i've done.. 





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Looks interesting, but I am a bit confused where the connections are. I can spot some but probably not all. A workshop link would help to see it for ourselves and give better feedback on the layout.

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I understand that it is hard to see how these layers come together. Here is a updated version of the radar total and of all layers of them seperate:





currently i'm seeing if all of the timings are a good. Also, there are 4 total hostage spots which i will later reveal because of possible change...

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Minor update:

In-game it was pretty hard so shape the area, so i changed up the textures a little.


Old                                                                        New

This results in lines on the floors and walls:


Old                                                                                                                                           New

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You want to disable mat_fullbright there. You either have no lighting on the map or you have a leak. This will help with the shapes of the walls.

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