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Paid job - custom map for LootBear

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Hey there!

My name is Mojo from the YouTube channel : MojoOnPC and co-founder of LootBear, a skin rental service.

We have a really cool idea about creating a custom map where our users can try out their favorite skins with a little story line to it.

They would start in a home theater, walk through a hallway overlooking a city near the beach, go to a penthouse where skins are being displayed, try out their favorite skins in a fitting room and end back in the projectory room of the home theater where they see other users sitting in the home theater, exactly how it began for the user first joining the server. 

It doesn't have to be too complex but it needs to look and feel good. I have never made a map before neither have I worked with map creators. I would love to hop on a call with talented map creators where I can share more information about the actual project so you have a perfect idea what the scope of work is.

Paid job ofcourse. Those who are interested feel free to reply to this thread or send me an email at [email protected] (please note that we are looking for well experienced and talented map creators so we can create something how we see it from the first time)

We'd love to start on this asap with the right people!

Really looking forward to meet some of you - i've always wondered what goes into creating maps :)

Kind regards,



Kind regards,


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