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Guest kingkurtis

De_Bath (WIP)

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Guest kingkurtis

I started working on a map back when this competition was first published, just found the map file and didn't want my work to go to waste as a long time was spent designing and refining the layout.
The map's location is based off of the Roman baths in the city of bath.
I created it with a fairly strict philosophy for the design flow of the gameplay.
It has to feel like counter strike, but I have tried to limit / remove some of the unsavoury elements that are common in cs such as headshot boxes, pixel gaps(eg mirage A site looking into connector(I know it is patched now)), needless spawn padding eg nuke, complicated impenetrable cover - I think cover should be clear cut and well communicated, overly complicated spaghetti layouts and limiting the amount of hidey holes.
Things I love and wanted to be core features of the gameplay are teamwork - boosts/crossfires/assist nades, good intuitive height play, lubed movement, clearly designed grenade spots and to have interesting but consistent jump boosts.
It has a lot of its own little quirks but should feel at home with the other cs maps.

It has gone through more than 60 iterations which a majority of have been rigorously playtested by friends of mine.

This will be the first time it will be released to the public.
Thanks to the lovely folks on the mapcore discord thread for encouraging me to post this to here.


Map file:














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Been there for NYE2018, looking forward to see how this turns out when completed.

I can recognise several shots locations, but main thing is bringing it together with a playable layout. Bring on the overview ;)

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Please let me know what y'all think, feedback is very much appreciated.

Just noticed a slight bug on the radar, the bottom right corner is one long path, seems the wall above the door is blocking the radar.


Edited by Kurtis Harmer

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After the play test I have been working on the update for gameplay and visuals, I knew that the layout had the potential to feel a touch too big so I left it in grey box. 
Well there was still far too many things I had to trim down in various places to then reduce the overall width of the whole layout a bit - luckily this didn't break anything.

My attempts at simplifying mid have made it significantly more complicated, there are less places to check with the pillars but the wall is thin, can be boosted over from either side but can only be climbed over from the water side.
CT side of mid feels safer and less open, but reduced visibility means Ts are more likely to attempt to rush it.
Considering removing the connector from mid to B, it only creates trouble, CTs can use it to assist mid defence if they see a majority of enemy players on the radar.
Issue is people see it as the quickest way to A, then have to fear pillars, the thin wall reduces this head ache but I still think it's a big gamble to try to push through mid to get to A.
I think I am happy with the solution but it might feel like there are too many potential options but most of which require more teamwork, so I think I am happy enough with this for now.
Adjusted some textures, model work and prop positions.
Tweaked T spawn to make is slightly wider and slightly closer to A site.

Think I have generally weakened the awp by buffing other play styles, but to know if that is how it actually plays I'll have to run another playtest, so logically I need to get a few days work done on the map for its visuals and play test it as I go then run another play test when changes will feel significant enough to the players without feeling like a new map as generally everyone likedthe map just a couple people did not get on with mid, I think the wide ct opening made it difficult for new/disorganised players to put smokes to use so I am testing filling the middle of the pillars at the moment.

If anyone has any feedback do not hesitate to contact me :)

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I'd stay with the panorama's darker colors and heavy contrast. Not only does it more clearly convey an intent of a serious map, but fits the theme of Global Offensive as a counter-terrorism operation, instead of a miami-based russian mobster killing neon fanclub in the 80's. You know, it doesn't really fit.

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