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[CSGO] cs_wetland

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Steam Workshop: cs_wetland

What is cs_wetland? -> A fun to play lovely atmospheric delightful hostage rescue foggylicious csgo map with a new kind of gameplay! :D

You like to jump down bridges and cliffs? Then this map is for you!
You want something innovative and new. Try cs_wetland! :D
?imw=637&imh=358&ima=fit&impolicy=Letter ?imw=637&imh=358&ima=fit&impolicy=Letter




?imw=637&imh=358&ima=fit&impolicy=Letter The disadvantage of this "new" fog gameplay: Your screenshots doesn't show much and it looks like you can't see far enough.

I started this map two weeks ago (28.12.2019) almost from scratch.  Nine days of development and two lazy no work sundays. :D So not even 100 hours of work, but very close!  All I had was a fog test map of mine with one prop, three walls, a T and CT spawn, the env_fog_controller and a custom made skytexture (just one color). And the setting from a very short dream.
A fog map was something I really wanted to do for a long time. And now it was the time.

One great advantage of this fog map is the visability. You only see 722 units far but the playermodels stand out well. My next fog map - if I make one - will be with a higher distance for better sniper gameplay. But for this map 722 units is fine.

More advantages: You are able to do very long paths without the need to block the vision for the player. It allows you to create a new kind of gameplay.
And you don't have to think that much about the performance. Because of the "Far Z Clip Plane" provided by the env_fog_controller. Anything beyond the clip plane will not be rendered. No need to set prop fade out and create "hint and skip"s. Great!

It was a short new experience.

Reference images:
I tried to use reference images and kind of failed.
I started to search for wooden walkways in wetland like those two.
number one   and two
-> Was useful.

And I wanted to create a modern house and I found this:
clicky click click
-> It has somethin in common with my house placed inside the rock next to the T-spawn. But ingame you can hardly see it.

I also wanted to do a modern wooden house. After looking at a few images on google I gave up and made my very own house. None of the images I looked at had something in common with it.
-> The search for reference images was over. Everything else from cs_wetland was made without any other reference.All I need is beeing patient. Ideas will pop up whenether I stop to think of how to do things. They are like gifts. You can't force them you got to wait for them and then accept them. :)
While developing cs_tori I waisted time by try to force new ideas. It does not work. This time I took a short break or worked on something I knew how to do instead of trying hard. And it worked very well. I mean I developed the whole map in nine days of work.

Developing maps is more than a simple hobby for me. I don't do it for pleasure.  I use it to express myself. It just happens naturally. Automatically and subconcious. I did not knew that until a few days ago. And it seams like using reference images don't fit into what I want to express. All of my maps have something personal and they also say something about myself. Well they said something about me and my circumstances at the time I created them.

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1 hour ago, Zimuus said:

It's like the PS1 Silent Hill all over again haha


Oh, I played that game many years ago on PS1. Can't remember much.

I got the bird sounds on my map. While testing the map I was not sure wheter I should keep them in or make the map totally silent. I decided to let the birds sing! :D

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