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Help porting Goldsrc to Source player model

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I'm attempting to port the HL1 player model Gina to Source. So far I've had some success, I can get her to spawn as a combine soldier, the model and textures work, her idle animation is playing, however she is spawned halfway in the ground and not all her animations are correct and there is a console error about a bad sequence. 

I've fairly certain the problem lies in my .qc, where I am trying to replace the sequences in the .smd's with the ACT's of HL2. In console the sequence error is 77 but I am not sure what this number refers to. 

.QC file https://pastebin.com/YKsYxjBs

I'm not really sure why she is spawning in the ground, I'm also having trouble getting HLMV to work correctly to display textures even tho I changed my vproject directory. 

I'd really appreciate some help, what is the simplest way to match animation acts between HL1 and HL2? 

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