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[Dying Light] A NEW HOPE

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I pushed a small update today addressing the following:

  • Fixed slightly bright reflections on cars/buses/trucks windows in dark tunnels
  • Minor tweaks to one AI preset in the finale
  • Fixed 1 decal at sanctuary entrance that was partially hidden inside terrain
  • Added fall amortizer to truck near gas station safehouse

Give it a try if you have not done so yet, and enjoy several hours of gameplay very similar to the main game and its expansion.

Cheers and hope you enjoy it.

Some bonus pics





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17 hours ago, [HP] said:

Dude, this is amazing. In this phase in my life, I have very little free time, but if I do come up on some of that, I'll deffo take this for a spin. 

Thanks buddy, appreciate it :)

Hope you get a little free time to play it and enjoy it.

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Dying Light speedrunner "AussieGG" liked the campaign and made a video of him speedrunning the main storyline quests (without the side quests, exploration, random events, or fighting anyone unless it is part of the storyline quest).

What should normally take around 2 hours at a normal relaxed pace, he has done it in...17 min, 45 sec! 

If you plan on playing the campaign, DO NOT watch the video as it is full of main storyline spoilers 

For good measure, I will also have the video in spoiler tag, just in case :)




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Today marks the 3-month after release "milestone" :)

Here are some numbers:

90 Days on the workshop

24,200+    Unique Visitors
10,100+    Unique Subscribers
740+    Total ratings
99%     Positive ratings

Reached the Top 5 of "Top Rated All Time"

If you have Dying Light and are currently in lockdown wondering what to play, give this campaign a shot; it'll help you pass time and enjoy 4+ hours of gameplay.

Thank you all for the tremendous support so far, truly appreciate it :)

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