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[CSGO] de_dlag


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Good day everyone, 

I have been working on a layout for past week and finally managed to get it done! The map is designed to be a 5v5 standard bomb defusal map. I am currently looking for feedback on the layout because it might need some tweaking. Map has basic clipping and basic lightning, but i really don't wanna sink too much time into stuff like that, because things change very quickly. I really want to hear what you think, what changes should I make, what angles should I adjust etc. I've playtested this map a bit, but not in full 5v5 lobby yet (looking to get a bit more feedback before submitting this map to the Mapcore playtesting sessions).

Here's a link to the workshop page: CLICK HERE!

And here are some previews:
Overview (panorama style radar coming soon):



Bombsite A:




Bombsite B:








I think that that's enough images for now. After the layout is finished and angles are done, I will get into detailing. Also, I will be posting updates here, whenever I will have something cool to share! I'm really looking forward to see what you think about it. Have a nice day!

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Update #01:

First and most important thing is that I've updated the radar to panorama style:



Next, based on a feedback I've made some adjustments to connector leading from mid to bombsite B. Also I've updated the area outside B, to make life easier for Ts.




Also, I've added more spawnpoints (now each side has 15), and submitted the map to the playtest! Hopefully the map gets accepted (Yes, I have screw'd up the submssion form.) Looking for some last-minute feedback, before the map gets playtested here!

Update is live on the WORKSHOP!

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After gathering a bit more feedback, the biggest complain right now, was the CT side mid area. It was hard to establish a CT control, so this update focused onto shifting the mid balance toward CT's. New window room, provides easy cover, with options to peek each angle at a time, making life easier for AWPers.

Changes are down below:




As always, update is live on WORKSHOP! Give it a try, and tell me what you think!

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If you remove one of terrorist's mid entrances, Middle becomes identical to Mirage.

And to mention (judging by overview) the sites are heavily favouring Ts, as you need 3 CTs to sort of hold middle at this point (it's the meta in Mirage which is 1 window, connector and B short with other 2 CTs anchoring sites).

But I don't know how this plays out, it could be good.

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Update #03

Tomorrow, the map will hopefully be playtested. In the meanwhile I have decided to add some quality of life changes, and polished the map a bit.

Here is the updated overview:



First, I've added bombsite markings, so the plantable area is obvious.




Next, I have tightened the small bridge, separating mid and A, to make life easier for T's setting an A execute. I am still not completely happy with T's options to setup an A execute, but any small improvement helps.



Changed T spawn a bit, to make navigation easier (widened the platform to B, changed the paths a bit



I've also added or polished minor things.
As always, the update is live on the WORKSHOP!

See you on the server!

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Update #04

Hello! After a bit of work, and doing other stuff, I have managed to push out another Dlag update! This update is an response to a recent playtest. The most common feedback I have got was that the map was too small and should have been upscaled. I agree with that, so went back to the drawing board and rescaled the map completely.

Here's the preview:




The top overview is the new version of the map, the bottom is the old one.

This changes timings a bit: (fastest route, T side)
-------------------------- BEFORE ---------------- AFTER --------------------------
Bombsite A             11s                           14s
Bombsite B             13s                           15s


This makes timings more in line with current CS maps (like dust2).

Rescaling it was the biggest challange, beacause I was afraid of overshooting the scale and overscale the whole map. Everyone who played the original, please let me know how do you like the current scale of the map! 

Because of the scale, the whole map changed a lot, so I'm dropping here a couple of screenshots:








Another issue I had to address, was holding off rushing CTs that caused a lot of problems during the playtest. The areas outside A and outside B now have more angles and more space, making the pushes riskier for the CTs.

There are some changes to the B connector, but I am still not happy with that, so I'm planning to address it in the next update.

Looking at the demo, I have noticed that A might be a bit too ambitious, and I might need to do a major rework of it. The reason I haven't really done major changes is that I want so see how the map plays out with the new scale.

The update should be live on WORKSHOP!

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Just a quick announcement: Due to a exam period just around the corner, I am putting this hobby on hold till summer 2020. This map is not dead, I'm just not gonna work much on this map for obvious reasons. I still have a huge update in store, almost ready to be released. Don't know when I'll put it out.

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      Two new asset releases!

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