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[CS:GO] De_Cattle

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While working on my mapcore submission, I came up with a concept of a map with an interesting theme, and I just thought I'd like to share and probably work on it after I finish my submission.

Set in a meat processing facility in India, Cattle's story is of radical protest and culture difference.

A European corporation decided to build Kamadhenu Cuts in the middle of a river to increase more job prospects and worldwide business expansion into Asia. Specializing in all things cow, you can tell how that escalated to. A group of terrorists decided to take more radical steps towards taking down the plant, specifically targeting the delivery zone and the slaughterhouse entrance. Tipped off by Indian locals, British forces were brought in to stop the explosive result.

I currently don't have a playtest version up, but most likely changes will be made towards Bombsite B, as well as extending the map overall. Hopefully I can come back with more once I'm done with Luau!




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