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[CS1.6] Dust 2 2020

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I've always wanted to make my own dust2 clone with new textures and details, so I'm making this for the 20th anniversary of the game. I'm also making a seperate version of the map for my friends who run a server, and they want me to add new connectors. I would appreciate feedback to make sure it's balanced properly. Here's what I made so far:


I added stairs from CT spawn to short A (https://imgur.com/lHcu8pI). This would give CTs easier mid control, which is why I have opened the double doors from outside B tunnels to top middle (https://imgur.com/6nlaWdX). I'm considering adding a connector from T spawn to the new tunnel I've made so Ts can access top mid faster, then close off the other doors leading to outside tunnels.

You can also get to B site from lower tunnel with these new stairs (https://imgur.com/eCe28XW). CTs will now be able to see into lower tunnel from short. These windows have been opened (https://imgur.com/8l2Ss1T) (https://imgur.com/hXbLbQ5).

Door from short A (https://imgur.com/cciYw11) leading up to a new window room (https://imgur.com/dN6jS7U) (https://imgur.com/6OulXo2). You can also get to the room from a side door on long A. (https://imgur.com/TRa0NdL) (https://imgur.com/i0ioZtS).




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Imagine playing 

On 12/18/2019 at 4:43 AM, Radu said:

That's a pretty good looking dust2 version. Won't comment on the layout changes, but I was hoping the csgo team would make a return to this particular look with the revamped dust 2

I was hoping for something like District. God damn that map had a vibe.


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1 hour ago, Interfearance said:

Imagine playing 

I was hoping for something like District. God damn that map had a vibe.


Is that not just the same theme as the original CSGO dust2, there's only so far you can go with the war torn middle eastern city theme.

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Hello again,

I've made some more progress on the map. There is a new connector to the doors at the top of middle coming out of T spawn. The second door leading to outside B tunnels has been closed. I've also closed one of the windows on A for balancing purposes. Here's an overview of the map so far. Old routes are marked in red, new routes are marked in cyan:


AllocBlock is 51/64, so I'd say it's about 80% completed. I want to pack in as much detail as possible before I finish optimizing visiblility. Here are some pics:















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