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Why is this forum so Goddamned dead?


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You'd think there'd be more 2D forum activity around these parts. :(

Here, have a little WIP animation I'm working on for reasons you shall discover.. one day.


No idea how to continue the.. uh.. plot.. from here. There's also no sound yet. I've mainly just spent a ridiculous amount of time getting to grips with animating frame by frame in Flash.

Post more threads.

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It's not supposed to be funny, it's learning to do frame by frame animation at a reasonably fluid pace~ since the Thrik is not too hot at it yet.

That in itself took ages, making a funny wasn't really on the top of my mind while making it. Though I still need to do twice the length I've got already to satisfy college. :( :( :(

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It's all frame by frame, although I was able to use tweening for the actual physical movement of the birds and clouds in the sky -- I still did their wing movements frame by frame though, which was fairly simple.

I can't wait for next year of the course where 3D animation is focused on rather than 2D. The latter is fun and all, but it isn't half a pain in the arse at times due to there being no perspective.

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Got it mostly done animation wise, and I'm happy to proclaim that I hope to never do 2D animation like this again -- it is such a pain in the arse. 3D is clearly superior.


Put some shit sounds/music over the top, also made the Photoshop version of the site and shit. Still need to html/css the latter, and the animation could use some brief voice acting if anyone here feels up to speaking for the ball. ;) ;) ;)


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