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Hello! English is not my native language, so I will use Google translator, sorry :)


So, the scene of the map is a huge Victoria Falls.

The bomb site A is an observation deck on which terrorists placed dangerous toxic substances to poison water and harm nature.

The bomb site B is a botanical garden where a unique collection of rare plants (and their seeds) is collected and terrorists are going to destroy it.




And now I will present screenshots of what I started with and where I came to:


  • First version (general idea) 



  • Second version



  • Third version



  • The fourth version (pre-final layout)



  • Fifth version (final layout + start of creating a visual image)





And a few more screenshots of the current version of the map:


  • Spawn of counter-terrorists



  • A bomb site



  • Spawn of terrorists



  • Road to bomb site A



  • Mid



  • Terrorist mid



  • B bomb site (general form)



  • B bomb site



  • B bomb site



  • Road to bomb site A (general form)





Thanks for reading!

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4 hours ago, Tynnyri said:

The lighting feels like it's too yellow

I agree. I haven’t set up the lighting for the map yet, which is why it looks so bad.


4 hours ago, Tynnyri said:

Also for the cliff sides, you should try to using multiple different props and them so they do not repeat.

I will definitely do it, but now I just set the props on the map to create the first visual version.

Thanks for your comments!




1 hour ago, mryeah said:

There's already a map called Victoria, you may want to change your map's name to make its nature-oriented feel a bit more obvious

The current name of the map seems very appropriate (and beautiful) to me. I doubt that I will change it, but thanks for your remark.

Edited by synkope

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