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[Unpaid] Seeking passionate Portal 2 mapper to collaborate on nearly finished map

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Do you want to collaborate?

Hi! Over the years I've made several maps with Hammer and I personally love mapping and game development. To see what I've managed, a link to my workshop page is provided down below.

For over a year now I have been excitingly working on this ambitious Portal 2 map, however due to college and lack of motivation I struggle to finish it.
I think it would be a shame if all that time and effort goes to waste, so now I'm seeking help. That's where you come in!

I'm looking for an experienced indivudal who's well familiar with Hammer, who can finish one of the puzzle rooms for me. Then I can finish the rest of the map.

This is what I need help with.

The biggest obstacle for me is the second puzzle. The main structure and puzzle-design is already made, however it is not decorated yet.
I need you to make the whole room look overgrown and decayed, but you are free to be creative. I encourage you to add your own touch to it and make this room hella awesome!
We will chat together to see which changes make fit, and give insight to map details, but the process will be mostly up to you.

Qualifications ..?

There are no qualifications, however if you have good experience with hammer you are likely to be prioritized.

I'd like to collaborate!

That's awesome! Just comment on this post that you want to join in, and preferably post a link to your workshop page.
If you stand out, chances are I'll send you a pm knowing you've been picked.

(I will keep this post up till December 1st)

What will you get out of it?

Unfortunately, I won't be able to pay you. You will however be added as a contributer on the steam workshop, and be credited for your work.
I think it would be fun to make something together, so please tell me if you're interested!

For reference, this is the sort of theme you will have to replicate: 

Screenshot of the first puzzle.

And here are screenshots of the area that you will be working on.


Above view





More reference photos in this zipped folder:


I'd say the map is about 70% complete, meaning you'll release a full map for the price of a 1/4. I hope you consider this opportunity and take it as good experience.
By contacting you will be provided with the map file (only the area shown), and I can give you more insight to the puzzle to give you a better idea for what to do.

Additionally here is my steam workshop page: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198073108235/myworkshopfiles/


If you read through it all you are a super awesome person!  :) 

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