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Me before trailer : Haha fuck off I'm not paying £1000 to play Half-Life Me after Trailer : 

So... It took them 1200 years and cost me 1200 quid but we made it guys. We're back in Half-Life. I just played it for about 2-3 hours. Allow me to demonstrate my experience thus far Intro:

workshop tools are out! We included sources for all the maps as well. Enjoy!  https://steamcommunity.com/games/546560/announcements/detail/3758762298552654078  

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17 hours ago, [HP] said:

If you're like me, and the announcement of Alyx makes you wanna replay HL2, this mod seems to enhance things a little bit. I absolutely love the feature that turns the projectiles from hitscan to "bullet drop".


I'm currently replaying HL2 and this mod looked really cool so downloaded and gave it a go. Within 30 minutes I uninstalled it as the footstep sounds drove me crazy. A great mod ruined by one thing.

Playing with this instead: https://store.steampowered.com/app/290930/HalfLife_2_Update/

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11 minutes ago, Zarsky said:

Any idea if Source 2 has improved in this regard?

I haven’t spent much time in Source 2 yet.

I’m very curious about:

-Animating character models in Source 2 (Source Film Maker style?)

-PBR materials in Source 2

-How accurate editor lighting is (are there compiles to finalize?)

-Scripting/coding stuff

Perhaps someone can enlighten me.

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I probably could of done that but I couldn't remember how to do it nor could I really be bothered :v  I just found it strange that there are all these options for everything including how big the kitchen sink is but nothing to disable the god awful footsteps. It's almost as if it were done in purpose 

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Didn't even know Alyx was recast until I saw the thumbnail for this video

which is clickbait cos the video doesn't actually explain it.
Still incredibly weird have Merle voice 95% of the game to then recast. I dunno, I couldn't tell the difference between the original and the new voice in the trailer (they say she's still in there), I just assumed there was a bit of processing to make her sound younger.

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