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Half-Life Alyx


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Fucking hell this is such an awesome experience. The art is INCREDIBLE and such high fidelity too. This is setting a new bar for visuals in VR.

The game itself is relatively simple, but so engrossing in VR. If you played this without VR, you'd be like.. whats the big fuss? But it just translates a first person shooter to VR so well. It's a bit clunky in places.


The flashlight is kinda janky to use (I much prefer resting the gun on my arm to shoot, so with the flashlight it faces the wrong way).

Also, the narrative stuff is really cool.


Very gripping, and very funny too. Maybe a little TOO funny? I don't know. I really laughed at some parts.


Bram, what did you work on in this game? Did you by any chance make the old school looking computer cases, keyboards and monitors? They seem like they were made by you haha, they have your style to em.

Also, it's so cool to see some of the same elements I re-made in my City 17 UE4 test come back for this. I was obviously going off HL2 for reference as you guys were, but it's cool to see those same models again. I really studied some of those combine door locks lol.

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14 hours ago, Radu said:

A damn fine game so far! They've gone beyond my expectations. And it's going to give hl2 modders so many ideas to work with.

Ahye, just watching those play throughs they released as teasers were making me want to do stuff and m making me wonder about pushing the old engine more

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2 hours ago, DMU222 said:

The real question is: Where is the Source 2 SDK that comes with the game? I really want to play with these cool new tools.

While waiting for the HL:A SDK you can play around with the tools in either Dota2 or SteamVR.

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Just curious, what did everyone write? I wrote two four letter words, beginning in F and C respectively.

Also, it’s interesting to see some CSGO textures and remade HL2 textures in there. It’s a really nice engine upgrade but I dare say if you’re really picky you can see the “optimizations” at work, how surfaces aren’t always meshed out that much, and are just nicely shadered cubes. I don’t think it’s exactly UE4 tier on the low end, on the high end it looks comparable. I also notice that a lot of the materials aren’t substance-driven (hi textures.com decals), not that most players will care, but people like us may notice. /end nitpicking

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Great graphics and interactivity, but I couldn't get immersed at all. I don't really get this game. I only got my headset to play flying simulators so I guess I'll just refund.

There's couple immersion-breaking bugs in the game. Do you guys know if Valve is going to be fixing these after launch?
Smooth turning is non-functional so I tried not to use it and I constantly got wrapped in the cables.
Explosions look low-res compared to everything else.
A lot of physics bugs in the first chapter. Kinda let down, I wished physics wouldn't break constantly.
The QZ feels pretty easy so far. I used the jump mechanic to avoid the zombies as I was low on ammo. Is the rest of this game as trivial?

From the forums: The lefty support is broken. That's a shame, can't share this with my brother either.

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For me, it's one of the most immersive games I've ever played. 

Just got to:


Don't read these spoilers if you haven't played yet you chump! You've been warned. Real spoilers coming up.


Just got to the bit with Jeff. Holy shit, why is this game a horror game? It's terrifying lol. Such a cool encounter.. I really love what they did with the design and all the mechanics here. Very clever stuff. Now I'm crawling through some tunnels and there are some antlions coming up... god help me. 


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