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Half-Life Alyx

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10 hours ago, dux said:

Had some bills that needed paying off first. Payday is just around the corner, so had it all planned out.


I’m excited to finally crack mine open and run the environments and try Boneworks. I don’t have adequate space for VR so that’s an issue. 

Its not just that you need $1,500, plus a good PC, you also need fucking real estate to enjoy VR. At least Alyx is seated also.

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I ordered mine too, got tons of error messages but it worked in the end. During that process, I was still told that it would be delivered within 2 weeks, while the store page would tell you 7-9 weeks (if you were not connected on an account). So maybe I'll get it within the 2 next week, right in time for Half-Life : Alyx. That would be a dream o_o


Good luck to you Puddy, Dux and the others !

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6 hours ago, dux said:

You've played the first 4 hours have you, IGN? That's cool. Means I won't read/watch your content to avoid all the spoilers. Thanks for letting me know.

Exactly that :D

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