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Blizzcon 2019


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Diablo 4 cinematic trailer, the CG is absolutely stunning. Diablo 3's CG cinematic blew my pants off with their graphicalness but this new one was something else. The way the membrane became her cape at the end with the camera slowly panning was jaw dropping - well done to all involved with that.

I was also super happy by how much more hostile and oppressive the world looks in the gameplay trailer too - there was actual blood! This certainly looks a step up from D3 in every way. To complete the feeling, the only thing I think I could comment on is that Matt Uelmen needs to be invited back to do the music. I always felt that Blizzard kinda misunderstand the importance of his music for the world of Diablo.


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That Diablo 4 cinematic was spot on. Best one since the Diablo II opening cinematic to me. In-game footage looking good, too. Gotta read up more on the details of open world and spaces shared with other players.

On the Overwatch side of things: I still play it frequently. I really, really like the game but nothing that I've seen coming out of Blizzcon greatly excites me about Overwatch 2? I'm always up for new maps and heroes but I guess that's the downside of spoiling players with exactly that on the first game, for free, for years. In the end, I'll probably end up buying it for the new content anyway so what am I talking about haha

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I think this is a good example of where Blizzard went wrong with their Overwatch 2 promo. One of the talking points was an upgraded graphics engine, but this difference is subtle IMO. Plus, if you did want to highlight the changes to the engine, wouldn’t it be smart to keep the design the same at first, to allow for a 1:1 comparison? Without a direct before and after you have to just hope people like a completely different outfit more than the last one.

I have total confidence OW2 will be a good game that’s noticeably better than the original, but nothing in the trailers showed that at all. The reason I’m confident is because apparently the game won’t be out for a while yet, and there’s plenty of time to really refine things. 

Focusing the cinematic on Winston the entire time was a weird choice as well, he’s just not a visually pleasing character design (IMO again) and he absolutely dominated the runtime.

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Reminds me of the Dota Source 1 and 2 comparison, but even worse.

It would be nice to see some sort of way to address the rampant smurfing problem. Also having movement with actual inertia would decrease the amount of luck, a new engine might be a good excuse to implement this.

All said and done, its basically still going to be a chaotic moba fps, and I can't see Blizzard onboarding too many new players with OW2.

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16 hours ago, Tisky said:

Fuck me, they said it aint coming soon. I just can´t wait. Druid looks like so much fun.

Crossing fingers for ma boi pally

D1 was always my favorite in terms of style so I'm glad they're trying to go back to that same vibe!

I often hear people say D2 had a great vibe but I always though the series had already lost a bit of its flair even at that point, with the freakin desert and jungle with aztek people blowing darts and enemies turning fluorescent 0,0,255 blue when you chill them, and that one map that floats over a win95 screensaver

Image result for d2 arcane sanctuary

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