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Here is my WIP submission for the 2019 Mapcore contest. The map aims to be simple and easy to learn. 

The lore of the map surrounds the CTs discovering alien technology in ancient ruins, but the Ts are looking to stop their research.

The map is set in a dig site at some ancient ruins in North Africa. The environment will contain research and excavation equipment as well as ruins and ancient alien structures buried in the sand.

Workshop Submission: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1891552351







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The map got playtested yesterday and I got some valuable and encouraging feedback!
Realized CTs have overpowered timings so I rebalanced spawns to hopefully give T's a better fighting chance. I also reduced the incline of many ramps and raised the low areas in mid and B to reduce the amount of headshot angles. Finally I also split mid with a simple block to prevent a cross-map headpeek from connector. I'll be working on developing the map while keeping the layout largely the same.



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